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Our Story

Our Story

Hello there friends! Thank you for visiting our website and checking out who we are.

How it Started

I fell in love with the Australian Shepherd breed when I was in grade school. Our neighbor had a Blue Merle female that he trained to assist him with his deer farm and other animals. Growing up I spent a ton of time with our neighbor’s son, my friend Lance. I got to see them working with their dog and thus created my desire to own one myself! 

I bought my first Australian Shepherd when I was 15 years old. She was a Red Merle and her name was Sandy. I can still remember her snuggling up to my leg when I sat on the ground. She would run with us as we went about our farming duties. I raised a litter of puppies with her and my brother Mike retained one of her offspring to keep on the farm.

The Next Steps

In 2016 when LeAnna and I got married, we picked out a puppy from my brother’s next generation of puppies. She was also a Red Merle and we named her Sally. Approximately 2 years later we started breeding and had our first litter of pups as a family. Our breeding program grew from there.

We ventured out with our next generation of breeding stock and started raising some Mini Aussiedoodle puppies. They are great for people with a love for the Aussie breed but need a hypoallergenic dog or a puppy that sheds less.

In the summer of 2020 amid the Covid Crisis, we created our website. We did this to provide a platform that is user-friendly for our customers to view our puppies that are available to adopt. This also is a space where our customers can leave reviews and see our past reviews.

In creating our website we also had the vision in mind of using our website platform to assist responsible Aussie breeders. We help them to find homes for their puppies from our surrounding area.

My Aussie Pups Grows

In Sept. 2020 we continued with our vision to assist responsible Aussie Breeders to find homes for their puppies. Our platform is created for Standard Aussies, Mini Aussiedoodles and we added the Mini Aussie to our list.

We have a list of requirements that each breeder must meet in order for them to use our platform. Which includes using our Health Guarantee and deworming/vaccination process. All our breeders welcome you to their premises for a visit to see their puppies and see the Mom of the litter.

We feel it is always best to have our customers visit the breeder directly as this provides the best opportunity for both parties to get to know each other. If coming for a visit is not an option for you the breeder will be happy to assist you in getting a third party pet transport company to bring your new friend home safely!

Most of our puppies are raised in a family environment with children or at the least have been introduced to visiting children. Most of our breeders raise 2 to 3 litters of puppies each year but we have some that raise up to 6 to 7 litters.

Our focus is to work with hobby breeders and stay away from the larger operation breeders with a lot of dogs. We feel that when a breeder has only a small number they will have a better focus on quality. It is just like everything else if it gets too large of an operation the quality of socialization can decrease.

The Adoption Process

You will find the Breeder’s Contact Info when you click on the puppy that catches your attention. Get in contact with the breeder and ask them any questions you have!

Pay attention:

If you choose to text our breeders, some of them have home phones only. And to get in contact with them you can leave them a Voicemail and they will try to respond within 24 hours. It will be noted (Call Only) in the case where they only have a home phone.

You will work with the breeder directly for any questions you might have in regards to the puppy. And to set up an appointment for a visit or arrange delivery for your new little fluffy friend. Get the breeder’s address in your conversation with the breeder, as the address on our website is the Main Office.

After a conversation with the breeder, you have the access to make a reservation directly on the Website. This reservation will take the puppy off the website automatically and put your name on it.

You are welcome to wait to make the final payment upon arriving at the breeder’s location to pick up your puppy. You can make the final payment online or in cash whatever your preference. To pay the balance online you can visit the email you received when you made the reservation. There you will find a link at the top of the email that leads you to the final payment.

The internet has drastically changed the way people shop for puppies. But you are still welcome to come out on the breeder’s premises and play with the available puppies before picking one out!

Our Mission

We as a group of Aussie Breeders are committed to responsibly raising happy and healthy puppies for you and your family to enjoy.

And to be transparent in all our conversations between breeder and customer. We want you to have a stress-free enjoyable experience as you go through the adoption process!

Willis Yoder Family

So if you want to experience the joy of bonding with an Aussie and are looking to add one to your family, Contact us today! And we will strive to give you the best experience possible in obtaining your newest family member!

Take a look at our FAQs and see if they answer your questions. If you still do not understand something, please feel free to reach out to us.

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