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Contact the breeder of the puppy you are interested in. Find that info under the individual puppy.

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We Have Mini Australian Shepherds That Want To Move To California!

See The Mini Australian Shepherds For Sale Near California

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We Have Mini Australian Shepherds That Want To Move To California!

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Have Questions?

Contact the breeder of the puppy you are interested in. Find that info under the individual puppy you are looking at.

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Mon - Fri: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
The Online store is always open

Have Questions?

Contact the breeder of the puppy you are interested in. Find that info under the individual puppy you are looking at.

So Who Are We?

Are you looking for Mini Australian Shepherds for sale near California? We are a group of Aussie Breeders from Amish Country in Ohio committed to responsibly raising happy and healthy puppies for you and your family to enjoy.

We aim to be transparent in all our conversations between breeder and customer. We want you to have a stress-free enjoyable experience as you go through the adoption process! 

We have Mini Australian Shepherds for sale near California.


Our puppies are vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped, and vet-checked.


The puppies come with a one-year genetic health guarantee included.


These adorable Aussie puppies are family raised and well socialized.

The Mini Australian Shepherd, also referred to as the Mini American Shepherd, embodies a delightful blend of characteristics. Known for their easygoing nature and playful demeanor, these puppies are a joy to be around. With their courageous yet loyal disposition, they make wonderful companions for children, especially those who are active and adventurous.

As devoted friends and guardians, Mini Aussies exhibit a remarkable level of liveliness, agility, and attentiveness. Their high level of intelligence coupled with their eagerness to please makes them a breeze to train, allowing for seamless integration into any household.

We are a small group of breeders providing these puppies. Here at My Aussie Pups, we are facilitating a place for these other breeders to sell puppies alongside our own puppies.

A beautiful Mini Australian Shepherd.
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How do I adopt a Mini Australian Shepherd Puppy In California?

Here at My Aussie Pups we make adopting your new puppy hassle free! Just follow these four easy steps.

Step 1

Find the perfect puppy!
Browse through the puppies on our website or contact us if you don't see what you're looking for.
See Available Puppies

Step 2

Reserve Your Puppy Right Here.
We have an easy reservation process. You can pay the adoption fees with a credit card.
See Available Puppies
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Step 3

Check Out Our Delivery Options
If you want to, you may come pick up the puppy in person Or contact us for our shipping options.
See Delivery Options
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Step 4

Bond with your new puppy!
We're here to help! If you have any health related questions or tips on getting your new puppy used to his new home just let us know!
Contact Us With Questions

Our 4 Main FAQ's

Feel free to browse through our FAQs to see if they address your inquiries. Should you require further clarification on any matter, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’re here to assist you.

There is a 3 step Process to reserve a puppy.

  1. Find the Perfect Puppy!
    • Browse through the puppies on our website or contact us if you don't see what you're looking for. Available Puppies
    • Contact the Breeder for specific puppy questions.

2. Reserve Your Puppy Right Here On Our Website.

    • We have an easy reservation process. You can pay the adoption fees with a credit card.

3. Set Up Shipping Or Schedule A Pick-up Time

    • Upon reserving your puppy you will select the option to pick up the dog in person or delivery. If delivery is selected, we @ My Aussie Pups will reach out to the phone number provided on the order to complete the delivery setup. Delivery areas - pricing and route schedules are available on the Shipping Page.

The breeder's phone number is listed inside the Breeder Information section by the puppy photos. 
There is also a button inside there to call from there!

  • Ground Delivery: If you are receiving your puppy via ground delivery balance can be paid upon delivery in cash (preferred) or online. To pay the final puppy balance online you will find a link on top of the email receipt you received upon reserving.


  • Air Delivery: The final balance is due the day prior to your puppy flying. By that time you will have your Airway Bill Number and Flight Confirmation email from Legacy Pet Services.

Upon reserving you will select the option to pick up the dog in person or delivery.

If delivery is selected, we @ My Aussie Pups will reach out to the phone number provided on the order to complete the delivery setup.

Delivery areas - pricing and route schedules are available on the Shipping Page.

My Aussie Pups Reviews

Read What Our Adopting Parents Have To Say About Us

Smoothest Puppy Purchase Ever

Josh Hersom Review

This was one of the smoothest puppy purchases we have ever had. From start to finish the communication with Willis, the breeders, and the driver was fantastic. The person who dropped our dog off was not in any hurry. He let our pup come out of her crate on her own to meet us. I would highly recommend purchasing a puppy from Willis! Thanks so much!!!

Josh Hersom

Ragazza Dagli Occhi Azzurri! (blue-eyed girl)

Job Melton Review

That means blue eyed girl in Italian and from that we named our beautiful miniature Aussiedoodle from Atlee Troyer and his family “Zurri”. Maybe I’m biased but she is the sweetest, cutest, smartest, cuddliest puppy I’ve ever had. she was shipped to us through Legacy Pet Services at about 10 weeks. Somehow how made her gate transfer in phoenix to arrive safely in Fresno California from Ohio. She plays hard and snuggles hard. Not even a week and she goes to potty on command at night, sits, comes and responds to her name. Starting to play catch but gets distracted chasing our other dog who enjoys catch. She enjoys trying to knock the ball out of his mouth. My plan is to train her to be a therapy dog for kids with emotional disturbance and so far she seems great. Automatically engaging when she looks up with her big blue eyes and melts into you lap or enthusiastically chases you for a game of tag. I wish I would’ve got two puppies. Maybe next year. Wonderful pup from wonderful people. I honestly thought it was gonna be a puppy scam until I talked to Atlee. Thank you Troyer family:)

Job Melton

Wonderful Experience

Frank Morales Review

My wife and I have been wanting a Mini Aussie to add to our family and we stumbled upon My Aussie pups. The experience really has been so wonderful! We ended up purchasing Lela who is now Luna from William Nisely’s litter and our gal really has impressed us! She’s been with us a few days and has already learned how to sleep through the whole night in her crate and goes potty well on a leash while on walks. William did an amazing job preparing our gal to come to us. Willis who helps out with the breeders was so kind enough to give us information and answer all of our questions through this process. William also answered our questions as well and assured us that our pup would be microchipped, up to dates on vaccines and come with some kibble that she was currently eating. The delivery for our Luna was also very smooth. My wife and I were so very impressed with the updates we got from the driver and how comfortable the pups were during transit. Thank you guys for making our first experience a great one. Would probably purchase another Aussie with you guys if given the opportunity.

Frank Morales


Haydee Maldonado Review

I fell in love with Abby the first time I saw her picture. I tried to walk away, but I couldn’t Abby was already in my heart. I decided to text my breeder for more information about Abby. David Shetler and his wife/ My Aussie Pups are wonderful. They walked me thru the process to have Abby delivered to me and she was safely delivered.
Also the Legacy Pet Service is excellent company they kept me updated all the time until Abby got home. The whole process was very professional and smooth! We got Abby shipped to Florida from Ohio safely.
Abby is her given name she is now called Bella Abby.
Thank you for helping me find my Bella Abby!

Haydee Maldonado

Wonderful personality Mini Aussie Doodle

Elizabeth Rush Review

We visited Willis and LeAnn’s to pick up our 9-week old mini Aussie Doodle. We saw where pups were housed and birthing area. All dogs were clean and well taken care of. We met our puppies momma, who was a beautiful Australian Shepherd. The vet records were in perfect order. We recommend Willis and Leann!

Elizabeth Rush

Not what was expecting

Shyenne Mulhollen Review

We got this puppy that was supposed to be spunky and socialized. However, she came to us extremely timid and scared of everything. She cowered at everything as if she was abused. She was too scared to even go outside and had zero understanding that peeing in the house was not okay. I waited over a week to write this review thinking she needed time to settle in, but she only continues to hide and fight to go outside. We have provided plenty attention sessions and moments of interaction but she simply prefers to ignore the family. Very sweet girl, just not what we were expecting. It seems like all the issues she is experiencing is from NOT being socialized properly.

“Response from My Aussie Pups”

I am sorry that we didn’t deliver to your expectations. Thank you for communicating with us via text message concerning your disappointment. We appreciate your feedback and will do what we can to improve our practices!



Shyenne Mulhollen

My New Puppy Callie

Samantha Bragg Review

My Aussie Pups is the place to go if you are looking for an Australian Shepherd or Aussiedoodle. I just recently purchased an Aussiedoodle, Callie, and can’t say enough wonderful things about her. She is a very well adjusted puppy, in excellent health, and arrived safe and sound from the transport company recommended by My Aussie Pups. Everyone I worked with at My Aussie Pups was professional and answered all my questions.

Samantha Bragg

Your puppies are amazing!!

Hope Reyes Review

I got my beautiful Sadie Mae here. She is currently an ESA, but she’s in training to me a service dog. She is so well bred. She’s perfect. Her personality is amazing , she’s very timid, and she is incredibly smart!! She learns so fast, and loves learning. She is so adventurous. She also doesn’t need a leash, she naturally stays by me. She is the perfect image of a “Velcro dog”. She never leaves my side, She loves hiking, playing fetch, swimming and going to the doggy park! She also is protective (when needed). I highly recommend these breeders. Their dogs and puppies are also raised very well.

Hope Reyes

Amazing Experience

What an amazing experience from start to finish! Our family is very grateful for our Aussie pup. ❤️

Emily Adams

Thank you!!!

What an amazing addition to our family! We have 3 senior dogs and Ben has brought so much life back into the house! Ben is so sweet and smart. We are very happy and satisfied with how smooth the delivery went. Clarence, from Legacy Pet Services, was amazing at delivery, very helpful. Ben has adjusted well and very happy. We highly recommend!

Edward and Renee Nickerson

Great Puppies

I bought my puppy yesterday & he’s already showing great promise! He’s incredibly intelligent & has a wonderful personality!

Heather Williams

Beautiful conformation on my pup

Elaine Gliko Review

Macie is a sharp looking gal going on 5 months, she loves people, other dogs and even cats. She is a big hit at the dog park and loves me to throw the ball going to train her in agility for sure!

Elaine Gliko

Best Pup EVER

Traci Love Review

We had a very pleasant experience from start to finish with adopting our new pup. He was definitely not a puppy mill pup. His fur was clean and his feet were white as could be. Our puppy got a clean bill of health from our vet on the 3rd day after we brought him home. We have had him back to the vet for his second round of shots; he has grown and remains healthy as can be.
We absolutely LOVE this dog x10000.
Would recommend this family to anyone looking for an Aussie to adopt.

Traci Love

The Perfect Aussie Pup Companion

Colin Campbell Review

Just look at this dingus. We got Iggy from My Aussie Pups in August. He is the sweetest cuddle bug. He has a calm demeanor, food and praise motivated and eager to learn. He comes everywhere, stores, the office, the coffee shop. He’s a perfect gentleman. He wants to be friends with our cats but in classic cat nature, they are ducks to him. He loves a wild rumpus too and loves the frisbee and stick time. Iggy operates off leash in a lot of situations. In transit he did get kennel couch but the folks at My Aussie Pups stepped up without issue to cover the vet bill.

Colin Campbell

The smoothest process ever!

Alexess Bess Review

I am so happy with my puppy! Jr and Loretta were absolutely amazing and their communication was so stellar. I get so many compliments and questions about where I got Jynx (formally known as Noloa) from. I refer everybody to My Aussie Pups. This was hands down the best experience ever.

Alexess Bess

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