Breeder name: David Burkholder

Contact phone: (330) 275-2945

Breeder location: Millersburg, OH

Breeder bio: David and his wife Nancy and family live in the heart of Holmes County. They live on a farm where they raise these cute little Mini Aussiedoodles and Mini Australian Shepherds.I (Willis Yoder) am serving as their communicator for there puppies. You will be communicating with me but if you plan a visit you will be meeting with them directly on the farm.

Birthday: June 1, 2021

Ready for adoption: July 27, 2021

I Found My Family!

Puppy Parents

Mom (Gypsy)

Gypsy is a Blue Merle mini Australian Shepherd. She is (13 inches) tall and weighs (23 pounds).

Dad (Dice)

Dice is a Mini Poodle weighing (8 pounds) and stands (10 inches) tall.

Claire is a sweet little girl that will warm your heart. She will be a little friend that will be approx. 12 to 15 pounds as an adult. The children enjoy playing with her and she will be accustomed to different surroundings. You are welcome to schedule a visit with us or we do have delivery options available for you who won’t be able to make the drive.

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