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Shyenne Mulhollen Review

Not what was expecting

We got this puppy that was supposed to be spunky and socialized. However, she came to us extremely timid and scared of everything. She cowered at everything as if she was abused. She was too scared to even go outside and had zero understanding that peeing in the house was not okay. I waited over a week to write this review thinking she needed time to settle in, but she only continues to hide and fight to go outside. We have provided plenty attention sessions and moments of interaction but she simply prefers to ignore the family. Very sweet girl, just not what we were expecting. It seems like all the issues she is experiencing is from NOT being socialized properly.

“Response from My Aussie Pups”

I am sorry that we didn’t deliver to your expectations. Thank you for communicating with us via text message concerning your disappointment. We appreciate your feedback and will do what we can to improve our practices!



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