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Ragazza Dagli Occhi Azzurri! (blue-eyed girl)

That means blue eyed girl in Italian and from that we named our beautiful miniature Aussiedoodle from Atlee Troyer and his family “Zurri”. Maybe I’m biased but she is the sweetest, cutest, smartest, cuddliest puppy I’ve ever had. she was shipped to us through Legacy Pet Services at about 10 weeks. Somehow how made her gate transfer in phoenix to arrive safely in Fresno California from Ohio. She plays hard and snuggles hard. Not even a week and she goes to potty on command at night, sits, comes and responds to her name. Starting to play catch but gets distracted chasing our other dog who enjoys catch. She enjoys trying to knock the ball out of his mouth. My plan is to train her to be a therapy dog for kids with emotional disturbance and so far she seems great. Automatically engaging when she looks up with her big blue eyes and melts into you lap or enthusiastically chases you for a game of tag. I wish I would’ve got two puppies. Maybe next year. Wonderful pup from wonderful people. I honestly thought it was gonna be a puppy scam until I talked to Atlee. Thank you Troyer family:)

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