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Birthday: December 10, 2023

Ready for adoption: February 4, 2024

Availability: Available to Adopt!

Puppy Parents

Dam: Bella

Breed: Australian Shepherd

Bella is a standard Australian Shepherd. She is a calm girl and weighs 45 pounds. She stands approx. 20 inches tall.

Sire: Happy Tails Dubstar Everest

Breed: Mini Poodle

Everest is ever-curious and adventurous with a zest for life that knows no bounds. His inquisitive nature and sharp awareness of his surroundings make every day an exploration, as he navigates the world with wide-eyed curiosity. His keen senses make him a watchful protector, yet, remarkably, this responsibility doesn't steal his joy. Everest lives a carefree life, finding delight in the simple pleasures, and his wagging tail and playful spirit are a testament to his ability to balance duty and happiness. This boy weighs in at 19 pounds and stands 16 inches.

Introducing Jade, the enchanting Red Merle Mini Aussie ‘doodle female puppy, poised to steal your heart with her captivating charm. Jade’s dynamic coat, adorned with a mosaic of red and merle patterns, reflects her unique personality. A delightful blend of Mini Aussie intelligence and doodle playfulness, Jade promises to be more than a pet – she’s a cherished companion. With her spirited nature and expressive eyes, Jade is ready to bring joy, laughter, and warmth into your home, creating treasured moments together.

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